Adjustment to a new life.

Elizabeth, our host for the next couple of weeks, picked us up from the train station in Lillehammer, a 30 minute drive from their farm. In terms of size, they say it is a modest farm. A handful of sheep, 2 dozen cows and a few chickens. Fairly manageable for a small family run place. … Continue reading Adjustment to a new life.

There is snow on the mountains…

Yesterday, after 12 hours of travelling from Liverpool - London then on to Trondheim. Here I sit again, on another train on my way to Lillehammer. There are few things right now better than the views of this route. Often said to be the most picturesque train route in Norway, I'd argue the world. Today … Continue reading There is snow on the mountains…

​Jolly Travellers by name, Jolly Travellers by nature.

But I'm a little annoyed today, so please allow me this one small, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny rant, just this once. I have just read a post online about a young woman, aged 27, who just became the first female to travel to every single country in the world. Impressive. That was my first thought … Continue reading ​Jolly Travellers by name, Jolly Travellers by nature.

The Inevitable ‘Brexit’

It's going to happen, we all know it, we've all but prepared for it to happen, a matter of when not if, and no matter how shocked or delighted by the outcome of the vote last year, it is happening. Today, I read an article in The Independent, which discussed that the Supreme Court has … Continue reading The Inevitable ‘Brexit’

​Preparing for a life on the road

So there's now 18 weeks until we depart from London Gatwick on our way to Norway and beyond. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not the most prepared of people. I like to 'wing it' and go with the flow. Which is probably the reason I always performed poorly on exams and why … Continue reading ​Preparing for a life on the road

What I Want to Learn from Travelling – Hopes, Fears and Aspirations.

If you met me, I daresay you would probably think I was quite an outgoing person. A doer rather than a sayer. While that is what I appear to be on the outside, personally I think quite the opposite. I’m a rather shy and introverted person around people that I don’t know. All the same … Continue reading What I Want to Learn from Travelling – Hopes, Fears and Aspirations.

The beginning of an adventure

This is it. The countdown has well and truly begun. 21 weeks and 3 days. We booked our flights today, one way tickets to Norway, where we will begin our journey. By 'we' I mean Emilly and I. Emilly is my girlfriend, 24 years old and works in a bank in Liverpool, UK. She's the … Continue reading The beginning of an adventure