The beginning of an adventure

This is it. The countdown has well and truly begun. 21 weeks and 3 days.
We booked our flights today, one way tickets to Norway, where we will begin our journey. By ‘we’ I mean Emilly and I.

Emilly is my girlfriend, 24 years old and works in a bank in Liverpool, UK. She’s the person whom I’ll be sharing all of these experiences with over the 15 months after we depart. You’ll read a lot about her in the future.

I’m Matty, 26 years old and currently working at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Nothing to really shout about.

With us both being so fed up of our dead end, minimum wage jobs, we’ve decided to seize the opportunity while we’re both still young, and like many before us, take the plunge and ‘just go’, leaving our families, friends and the Xbox behind.

So I’ve decided to take this chance to write about our adventures in the hope that someone, someday will take great pleasure in reading about the moments in my life that left me speechless and inspire them to undertake the same opportunity as we did. To travel and see the world through their own eyes, rather than to just take my word on it.

Our plan is spend the next 15 months travelling around Europe, flying from London, England on May 24th to Trondheim, Norway. Using the likes of HelpX and Wwoof we intend on working on farms, in hostels and hotels and people’s homes in exchange for a place to sleep and some food in our bellies. We’re both big foodies and a lot of this blog will include the food we eat, as well as the sights we see and people we meet. I’m very excited about the possibilities coming my way.

This won’t be my final post before we set off on our trip, so if you think you’ll be interested in following our story, then please give this blog a follow, share it with your friends and have a wonderful day.

You can also keep up to date with us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Links posted below.
Much love and a travelling hug.


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