I’ve been silent…

It’s unusual of me, I know. Once I start going it’s really hard to stop me and my last blog was posted back in February, but there’s been a reason for my silence and simply put, I’ve had nothing interesting to write about. I’ve basically spent the last few weeks and months working hard and trying to save the pennies I need for my journey. There has been nothing interesting to write about, but alas, I cannot stay silent.

As I sit here writing this, I am a matter of hours away from finishing my last shift at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. I’m filled with mixed emotions, as this place has bled me dry, sometimes working over 50 hours in a week, but there are a lot of people I’m going to miss. A lot of good times, from falling asleep in the stockroom because I was too hungover to function, to the chats about life or football and the jokes. It feels strange because this is the end of an era for me. I’ve spent 6 years of my life here, but it’s about time I moved on and had a change in my life.

Every person I’ve spoken to over a certain age, tells me to “just get out there and do it while you’re still young.” “Chase your dreams, follow your heart.” “You’re only young once, go live your​ life while you’re not weighed down by children or mortgages.” Not that the latter things have ever stopped some people, but undeniably, it is easier to travel while you’re young and insurance is still cheap. But these are words I take very seriously, from people who of a certain generation were told, find a girl, get married, have children, die. They always say it with a hint of regret in their tone of voice. As if it’s too late for them. This is what spurs me on, to do this. If not now then like them, it’ll be too late for me too.

(My phenomenal family)

On Saturday, I’ll be having family round for a BBQ to say my goodbyes, before heading out to see my friends for one last night out with them, my way to say goodbye. (He writes as he tries to fight back the tears.) This is without doubt one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made, trust it was not one made lightly, but a lot of thought went in to it. I’m very close with my friends and I hope they forgive my hermit lifestyle of the last few months, but trying to save while trying to maintain a social life is near impossible. Something, unfortunately has to give.

I’ve had countless great times with my friends, they’ve helped me through so much and I’m certain they’re all very proud of the decision I’ve come to. 

(Adam and I at our charity event we hosted)

(Free shrugs at Download Festival 2012)

(Finding a restaurant at Rock AM Ring Festival 2014)

(Playing Kiss at Graspop Festival 2015)

These are only a small selection of the many wonderful memories we’ve made together. And if you’re reading this, know I love you and I will miss you all and that each and every one of you have been there for me in ways you’ll never understand. You’re the reason I have this self belief that I can achieve my dreams and I know you’ll be there if I fall. So for that I am thankful.

Perhaps a blog wasn’t the best place to get this personal, maybe it’s the only place I feel I can say these things without feeling silly.

So I’ve broken my silence, it’s now 5 days (maybe less if you’re reading this after the publish date) until I leave for Norway, and I’ve never felt more anxious and excited to start a new chapter in my life.

So here’s to the future, the stories I’m yet to tell about the people I’m yet to meet in places I’m yet to visit.

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And as always,

Much love and a travelling hug.



3 thoughts on “I’ve been silent…

  1. What lovely words from the heart Uncle Glyn & I wish you both well on your travels looking forward to your interesting blog as you experience many adventures sorry we won’t see you on Saturday sending love and good luck
    Auntie Hil xx

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  2. go forth and conquer! I wish I had done the same as you two and it’s so amazing you both have each other to share the journey with. We will miss you both so much but we know it only a phone call away. Amy xxx

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