​Jolly Travellers by name, Jolly Travellers by nature.

But I'm a little annoyed today, so please allow me this one small, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny rant, just this once. I have just read a post online about a young woman, aged 27, who just became the first female to travel to every single country in the world. Impressive. That was my first thought … Continue reading ​Jolly Travellers by name, Jolly Travellers by nature.

The Inevitable ‘Brexit’

It's going to happen, we all know it, we've all but prepared for it to happen, a matter of when not if, and no matter how shocked or delighted by the outcome of the vote last year, it is happening. Today, I read an article in The Independent, which discussed that the Supreme Court has … Continue reading The Inevitable ‘Brexit’

The beginning of an adventure

This is it. The countdown has well and truly begun. 21 weeks and 3 days. We booked our flights today, one way tickets to Norway, where we will begin our journey. By 'we' I mean Emilly and I. Emilly is my girlfriend, 24 years old and works in a bank in Liverpool, UK. She's the … Continue reading The beginning of an adventure